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Welcome to Growzilla

Growzilla stands for excellent equipment for indoor growing und urban gardening.
Growing plants means relaxation and pleasure for body and soul.
To harvest, process and enjoy the crops is a piece of heaven on earth and the first step towards self-sufficiency.

This online store offers a huge range of equipment and accessories for all indoor growers, guerrilla gardeners and urban farmers who share this special hobby.
The following categories are intended to facilitate browsing and searching.
Our diverse product range reaches from startup tools to highly specialised equipment.

Our recommendations:

Dry Rack - stackable

Dry Rack - stackable

0.0 of 5 stars
5.49 € *
circa £3.93
With this stackable dry tray plants and plant parts can be dried on small …
"Lucio" propagator with ventilation & illumination

"Lucio" propagator with ventilation & illumination

0.0 of 5 stars
49.95 € *
circa £35.76
Perfect growing conditions for plants that need light and warmth.
250 ml Rootjuice by BioBizz Hot stuff Choice available

250 ml Rootjuice by BioBizz

5.0 of 5 stars
9.79 € *
39.16 €/ litre
circa £7.01
Rootjuice is the root stimulator by BioBizz.
PopUp Soil for herbs & propagation, 10 l pack, compressed

PopUp Soil for herbs & propagation, 10 l pack, compressed

0.0 of 5 stars
3.99 € *
0.40 €/ litre
circa £2.86
This high-quality soil for herbs and for the cultivation of plants is made …

  • Plant Seeds

    Plant Seeds

    Finally, Growzilla can also offer you seeds for herbs, plants and crops.
  • Plant Cultivation

    Plant Cultivation

    Earth and other possible growing media, flower pots in many shapes and sizes, mini-greenhouses and cultivation boxes, rooting assistances, small plug-in labels and so on.
    If you are a newcomer concerning plants and their cultivation, you might not even imagine yet the variety of utilities used for plant breeding.
    In this category you will find a true paradise of accessories for plant cultivation.
  • Indoor Growing

    Indoor Growing

    There has been a significant increase of hobby gardeners for the last few years.
    Unfortunately the main part of the population lives in urban areas that are - due to limited space - equipped with small housing units which leave hardly any space to indulge in gardening.
    But human beings are inventive and creative by nature and therefore a solution or at least a compromise to solve this problem was easily found. That's how "indoor growing" developed.

    Indoor growing means to cultivate plants in closed rooms mostly without daylight. Thus it is possible to grow herbs and vegetables in the basement, on the attic, in a storage closet, in the garage or wheresoever there is some space left inside your own four walls.
    This all may appear rather bizarre but once you try it, you might get hooked.
  • Hydroponic / Aeroponic Systems

    Hydroponic / Aeroponic Systems

    Hydroponics or Hydroponic culture is a method of growing plants without soil. I.e. the plants are grown with their roots in an neutral and inert medium like mineral wool, perlite or coir.

    Hydroponic growing systems are perfectly suited for the automatisation of cultures. We offer compact, simple and extensible installations.
  • Urban Gardening

    Urban Gardening

    Urban Gardening is the return of gardening in the city.
    In humans, the need for rest and relaxation in the countryside is growing because of our often very hectic and stressful lifestyle.
    To care for a small garden is perfect as a hobby, but not everybody has access to these privileged spaces.
    That is why the urban gardener pounce upon brownfields, green strips, traffic islands, walls and roofs and start greening what it's worth.
    By this movement the cities are greener again and richer in species, people get to know each other and take care for the space together.
  • Fertilizers


    The latest high tech fertilizer compositions increase the harvest greatly. Fertilizers specially developped for home growing..
  • Plant supporters

    Plant supporters

    Planting sticks from bamboo, metal or hard wood, which can be used individually to support the plant or, by using connectors, as trellises or rank pyramids.
  • Crop & Treatment

    Crop & Treatment

    Anything you need after a successful home grown harvest.

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